How To Use Crowdfunding To Pay For College

Tweet27 Share3 Pin19 Share9 Email WhatsAppShares 58Everyone knows that the cost of going to college has gone through the roof in the last 15 years. And it shows no signs of slowing down.​In fact it is projected that by 2030, with a 5% yearly increase in college tuition, out-of-state college costs at a public university will […]

Can You Use a 529 To Pay For College Overseas?

Tweet14 Share3 Pin2 Share4 Email WhatsAppShares 23Traveling abroad is exciting, yet few college students get to have this experience, simply because they didn’t know how to make it an affordable and accessible option. While most students want to go abroad and learn while being immersed in another culture, the staggering cost is a huge obstacle […]

Investing Tip #51: Invest in the Company with New Products or Services

Tweet13 Share1 Pin15 Share2 Email WhatsAppShares 31A good way to pick winning investments is to be on the look for company’s that are leaders in their field. Identify the companies which are developing new products or discovered new markets. Before new competitors enter into the market, the company may establish its dominance and the value […]

How Do Private Student Loans Work?

Tweet38 Share Pin31 Share7 Email WhatsApp Shares 76 Private students loans are the #1 way that student loan borrowers get into trouble.  Hands down.  The reason is that the Federal government has limits on the amount that you can borrow for Federal Student Loans.  And there is a reason for those limits – so that […]

How Online College Can Let You Live Your Dreams Without Going Broke

As the costs associated with higher education continue to skyrocket, many colleges have discovered that the key to keeping their tuition fees at a manageable level is online education. For instance, the Georgia Institute of Technology recently announced its intention of providing online master’s degrees in computer sciences for just $6,600. That is a whopping $35,000 less compared to its on-campus program. With the costs being so much lower, you…

Investing Tips: Making Your Student Loan Dollars Stretch Further

Are you one of the many students who can’t make it through university without financial support? If so, then it’s important that you understand how you can get the most out of your student loan dollars by making them last longer. College life can be expensive. Apart from the accommodation cost, stationery, and course literature, there are other non-essential expenses every student finds hard to avoid. Working out the student…