Breaking Down a Financial Aid Award Letter

Tweet13 Share1 Pin Share1 Email WhatsAppShares 15After filling out the FAFSA and applying for enrollment, the financial aid award letter is one of the most important parts of the college application process, as it will give you (or your student) an idea of how much to expect to pay out-of-pocket for college expenses. You’ll find […]

Investing Tip #105: Park Surplus Funds in Short Term Money Market Securities

Tweet9 Share Pin8 Share Email WhatsAppShares 17The money market securities mainly include short-term fixed income instruments, treasuries and money market funds. Although they do not offer high returns, you still earn more compared a savings account. You may keep your money parked here until you get better medium term or long term investment options. If you […]

Job Hunting Tips For College Graduates

Tweet20 Share Pin14 Share1 Email WhatsAppShares 35Yesterday we talked about finding your career path, and the simple question that you should be asking yourself when choosing a career.  But how do you land a job in the career you want? The simple answer is this: it takes a plan, and if you’re focused on it […]

Investing Tip #106: Buy Companies with a High Sustainable Growth Rate

Tweet13 Share Pin6 Share Email WhatsAppShares 19Buy companies with high sustainable growth rate. It is the reasonable growth rate that a firm can sustain and can finance using internally generated assets and without additional debt or equity. Its growth based on internal resource generation and the stock records consistent growth. If you want to learn […]

Investing Tip #107: Invest in Small Companies Selectively

Tweet13 Share Pin1 Share Email WhatsAppShares 14Some of the smaller companies have the potential to turn into the large blue chips of tomorrow. The small-caps have had greater returns than large-caps. For example small-cap stocks in the U.S. returned an average of 12 % compared to 11% returned by the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index […]

SoFi Review: Peer to Peer Lending for Student Loans

Tweet20 Share1 Pin9 Share1 Email WhatsAppShares 31Are you sick of paying high interest rates on your student loans? Looking for a way to rid yourself of student debt faster? Good. You should be. And luckily for you, I’ve found another company that can help you do just that! Remember, you can see all of our […]

The Millennial’s Intro Guide to Term Life Insurance

Tweet37 Share3 Pin34 Share29 Email WhatsAppShares 103As money-wise millennials, we have a lot of goals in mind as we graduate from school, get started with our careers and think about what we want our finances to look like in the coming years. One financial consideration that often gets pushed to the periphery is life insurance. […]

How To Prevent TEACH Grants From Becoming Loans

Tweet23 Share Pin1 Share5 Email WhatsAppShares 29TEACH grants are an awesome program that will give you free money to go to school if you plan on becoming a teacher.  Currently, the program gives you up to $4,000 per year if you take certain classes and programs to become a teacher.  You also have to sign […]

Investing Tip #63: Understand Key Stock Picking Criteria

Tweet14 Share1 Pin3 Share1 Email WhatsAppShares 19Before buying individual shares it’s important that you know, and completely understand, the key stock picking criteria. Broadly speaking, you should consider these two factors while evaluating your stocks: growth and valuation. Ideally, a stock should exhibit high growth and be priced reasonably. Use EPS, P/E ratio and price-book […]

Happy 4th of July!

Tweet Share Pin Share Email WhatsAppWishing you a Happy 4th of July!  I hope you’re having a fun day with your family! I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be relaunching my Investing 101 Course next week.  It’s been updated with: – 4 New Videos – Bonus Content – New Case Studies To Help […]